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Training Matrix Template - ISO 13485

Training Matrix Template - ISO 13485

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ISO 13485 2016 +A11 2021

QMS. – QR – Training Matrix Template

Our Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs document templates have been created by fully qualified and experienced professionals at Patient Guard, a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Service provider. The templates have been specially written to ensure that they meet the basic requirements needed for each clause/section of the standard or regulation the templates relate to. We have carefully curated the templates to ensure they are easy to follow and adapt to make them specifically modified to your business needs. All the templates are fully editable Microsoft word documents allowing you to have complete control over the templates which can then be modified to suit your company branding/marketing requirements.

How does the QMS. – QR – Training Matrix help us achieve compliance with ISO 13485?

  • ISO 13485 states that the organization shall:
    • determine the necessary competence for personnel performing work affecting product quality;
    • maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills and experience.
  • The training matrix is used to identify personnel to be trained on specific procedures or processes as described in QMS.6.2.0 – QP – Training & Qualifications Procedure.
  • Along with QMS. – QR – Training Record and QMS. – QR – Employee Induction Template, this document will provide evidence to demonstrate compliance to the requirements of the standard.
  • You will also be able to ensure and provide evidence that your employees have achieved the required competence to fulfil their roles.

How else can the template be used?

  • To identify mandatory requirements for induction and company-wide training modules/workshops/presentations.
  • To highlight training requirements for internal standard operating procedures and work instructions.
  • To plan for any external training courses.

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